AKO ENGINEERING offers various categories of the world best pumps (as a matter of fact) Grundfos pumps for hospitals, high-rise buildings, irrigation systems and other applications where constant pressure is required to meet fluctuations in water demand. Discover the large selection of all of our pump sets here (from AKO Engineering).


AKO Engineering offers booster set pumps for hospitals, residential homes, sprinkler systems and other applications that require constant pressure to meet fluctuations in water demand. Discover our wide range of Grundfos booster sets here.

In-line single-stage pumps are typically used in commercial buildings for air conditioning and heating applications. The pumps are equipped with standard motors and mechanical seals. They are tightly coupled, meaning the pump and motor are two separate entities, making them less susceptible to contamination from the liquid being pumped.

In-line multi-stage pumps are used in systems where a high head is required. Several rotor stages are connected in series and the input and output are on the same level. Multistage in-line pumps are used for water supply, water treatment and almost all industrial applications, including aggressive liquids.

End-suction close-coupled single-stage pumps are common in industrial plants and water treatment plants around the world. Available in vertical and horizontal designs, the single-stage close-coupled side-suction pumps are easy to install due to their compact size and 90° angle from inlet to outlet.

End-suction long-coupled single-stage pumps are ideal for large industrial applications. As with all end-suction pumps, the liquid flows directly into the impeller and the inlet and outlet are at a 90° angle to one another. The long-coupled design makes the pumps easy to maintain and service.

In an end-suction close-coupled multi-stage pump, the liquid runs directly into the impeller and the inlet and outlet form a 90 angle to each other. The pumps typically produce high pressure relative to flow, making them ideal multi-purpose pumps for both industry and water boosting in general.

Grundfos submersible pumps represent advanced hydraulic design and offer high efficiency, high resistance to sand and other abrasives, motor burnout protection and easy maintenance. Made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, Grundfos submersible pumps are ideal for applications including groundwater supply, irrigation, groundwater lowering and pressure boosting.

Grundfos submersible wastewater pumps are designed as sealed units combining a pump and integrated motor that can operate below the surface of wastewater. Submersible wastewater pumps are perfect in permanent installations for efficient removal of wastewater from a property whether from washing machines, sinks and showers or drainage from the garden.

An immersible pump means that the pump itself is immersed in the pumped liquid. They are typically mounted on top of or inside tanks or containers. Immersible pumps are often used in the machine tool industry for example, in spark machine tools, grinding machines, machining centres and cooling units or in other industrial applications involving tanks or containers.

The Hydro EN pump set is designed in compliance to EN 12845 standard for operation with clean fresh water in automatic sprinkler systems, hydrant networks and compartments for installation of firefighting pump sets.

Designed for mechanical or digital control, you can rely on Grundfos diaphragm pumps to provide the accuracy, durability and reliability you need for water and wastewater treatment, industrial processing and many other applications.

Grundfos circulator pumps are designed for best-in-class efficiency with low maintenance. Compared to conventional circulators, they cut energy consumption by up to 80 %, while delivering noise-free performance. Here you can find the right circulator pump for your heating, cooling and hot water recirculation needs.


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